Color Harmony

Color Harmony

Version 3.3.9
Install +1 K
Category Tools
Size 23 MB
Last Update 2024 June 14
Color Harmony

Color Harmony

Version 3.3.9
Install +1 K
Category Tools
Size 23 MB
Last Update 2024 June 14
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The Ultimate Color Matching Tool on Google Play!

Are you a designer, artist, or color enthusiast looking for the perfect color combination for your project? Do you want to transform your favorite photographs into stunning color palettes or discover harmonious matches for your dream color? Look no further! Download our app and explore the endless possibilities of color matching and creation.

🚀 Key Features

Discover Color Palettes in Four Exciting Ways:
• Advanced Palette*: Unlock the ultimate tool for color creation. Add colors manually, capture from the camera, extract from photographs, and select colors to add. Easily reorder colors and find matching shades effortlessly.
• Harmonic Palettes: Start with one color and choose from a variety of algorithms to generate four additional harmonious shades, perfect for creating balanced color schemes.
• From Image: Transform your favorite photos into beautiful palettes by extracting colors directly from the image using advanced quantization techniques.
• Custom Palettes: Unleash your creativity by adding as many colors as you like, configuring each one manually to craft your unique palette.

☁️ Cloud Synchronization** - Save your palettes to the cloud and access them from any device***.
🤖 Advanced Color Harmony Algorithms - Find perfect matches with ease.
📷 Camera Mode - Instantly match colors in real time using your camera.
🗂️ Palette Management - Save your favorite palettes and organize them into collections.
🖌️ RAL Translation: Convert colors to the RAL format, the color matching system widely used in Europe.
🎨 Adobe Photoshop Compatibility: Export palettes in .aco format for seamless use in Photoshop.
🌟 Beautiful Design - Enjoy a stunning interface with a clean and intuitive look and feel.

Multiple Color Modes:

Available Languages:
• English
• Spanish
• Polish
• Arabic
• Italian
• German
• Turkish
• Indonesian
• Russian

🏳️ Want to see the app in your language? Contribute to translations here:

💬 We Value Your Feedback. Help us improve by sharing your thoughts!

*Subscription required, sold separately.
**Synchronization requires subscription and Powsty ID creation.
***Currently only on Android devices

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Majidkhan Karimi
Majidkhan Karimi
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