Unicorn Diary (lock - PIN)

Unicorn Diary (lock - PIN)

Version 14.4.7
Install +100 K
Category Personalization
Size 22 MB
Last Update 2024 February 21
Unicorn Diary (lock - PIN)

Unicorn Diary (lock - PIN)

Netigen Unicorn Diary
Version 14.4.7
Install +100 K
Category Personalization
Size 22 MB
Last Update 2024 February 21
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Welcome to Unicorn Diary, a free, beautifully designed app for your mobile phone to save memories and secrets!

It’s a special daily journal for girls and for boys! A secure and free app where you can keep all your secrets private! This unicorn diary with lock can be locked with a password or a PIN, ensuring full security, so that all your notes will be safe!

With this magical personal journal diary app, you can put down all your thoughts, experiences, and adventures, and keep them safe forever. Use it to create your personal journal of daily events, appointments, secrets, and feelings. Set a password to ensure your thoughts are safe and private!

Whether you want to keep your secret or dream private with security, maybe write down a secret love story, or just want to record your emotions as time passes, you now have a girls friend that listens to you. You can also use it as a diet diary, dream diary, travel diary, or even write a book there.

This daily journal app for girls is very customizable! You can choose your favorite cute unicorn for the home screen and play with your notes – change their backgrounds, pick cool fonts, pin photos and recordings, choosing cool symbols from a wide set of free stickers and emoticons. Your magical diary journal will look like anything you can dream of, you will love it from day one!

This journal with a lock is suitable for kids and teenagers, it’s a perfect diary for girls! Fall in love with the full security of your new diary with lock.

When you’re sure your notes are safe and private, you’re free to play a game in the app on your phone! We offer 3 cool games – memory game, cute puzzle game and 2048 merge game!

- Two beautiful views of all your notes in the app: tiles and list
- Diary with a lock means full security - set your password (with a PIN code, fingerprint or face recognition) and keep your secrets private!
- Reminder - add a question and answer. When you forget your password, you will still be able to access your notes
- Create, modify, and delete entries in your unicorn diary with lock a very simple and intuitive way
- Add photos from your phone’s gallery or take a photo right from the app!
- Many cute free stickers – find the one that matches your day and pin it to your entry! A lot of lovely stickers for girls!
- Many cool free emotions - describe your mood in the daily journal with emojis
- Wallpapers - download lovely free aesthetic wallpapers and customize your mobile phone!
- Avatars - change them as you like to match your personality or current mood
- Sounds & music - add more feelings to your notes
- Cool backgrounds - choose the perfect look for each saved memory
- Comics - read about unicorn adventures and meet cute unicorn friends – Kittycorn and Kiwi!
- Edit your old entries in case you forgot to note something important!
- Share your memories with friends (by Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram – however you like!)
- Play puzzle game – put small pieces together to arrange a photo!
- Play memo game – practice your memory, find two identical cards and turn them over! Try it with friends!
- Play 2048 game – swipe blocks to unlock new prices!
- Search for the entry through keywords or dates in the calendar!
- Choose a language: English, Spanish, Russian. The app is also available in Portuguese, Indonesian and French. You can use it in Farsi, Arabic and Korean. Now also in Japanese, German and more!
- Works both online and offline
- It's all free!

Download Unicorn Diary immerse yourself in the dream world and start writing in your new cute notepad right away! Tell your friends about the unicorn diary with lock app – they will surely love it!

No need to worry about the security of your private love story, a dream or any other notes. Keep them safe in the daily journal on your phone locked with a PIN!

If you enjoy the fantastic kingdom of the unicorn and its friends and want to have even more fun – get the pro version of the app!

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