Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Version 5.1.1
Install +500
Category Photography
Size 11 MB
Last Update 2021 January 31
Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

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Version 5.1.1
Install +500
Category Photography
Size 11 MB
Last Update 2021 January 31
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Photo Gallery is fast and the most stable gallery app for organizing your photo, videos, album, GIF. Password-protect your photos, organize them, display them slide-show style! Gallery is smart gallery, private gallery, photo gallery! 💯🎊🎉

It's great galleria, photography galleries, quick photo, videos, gif & photo album app for your mobile. it is the gallery pro app. Default Gallery is used hiding beautifully photograph.Gallery is the well-designed gallery replacement for the built-in phone gallery! 🎁💎🎈

🖼Photo Gallery Key Features
📍 Fastest photo & videos viewer
📍 Viewing high definition photos
📍 Search, Notes, Tags, Slideshow
📍 Post on Facebook,Twitter,Flickr
📍 Beautiful Theme
📍 Photo Editor
📍 Set as Wallpaper
📍 Renamed, shared, deleted,favorites, copied, edit,moved

🌇Photo Editor
Rotate, Crop,Scale, etc,multiple adjustment ways

🏞Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery can be sorted by date, size, name both ascending or descending, photos can be zoomed in!
Media files are shown in multiple columns depending on the size of the display, you can change the column count by pinch gestures.

🌄Gallery Lock
Gallery Lock hide pictures and videos .You can set a password and make your privacy in an encrypted album to protect your photos and videos in a safe way. Gallery can hide its app images and keep your privacy absolutely safe!

🌉Photo Slide Show
Turn your Android Phone into a slide show viewer that automatically rotates through all the pictures within a gallery. You can change the interval timing, sequencing, and how the image is displayed in Galleries settings.

🚀Photo Gallery
Arrange order of gallery items based on your selection. Spend less time managing and more time enjoying pictures. With HD Gallery you will be able to display images to fill your entire screen. You can use the pinch-to-zoom gesture or zoom buttons to get more detailed view! 🏝 🏜 🌋

📍 Create album in album
📍 Create, edit or delete
📍 Customize listing order
📍 Grouping albums by album set

❤️Photo Gallery is the Fast, light and modern gallery with gallery looks for your phone.Download this Free Photo Gallery app , enjoy it!

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