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LoaderDroid is a Download Manager tailor made for the Android platform. It supports ANY type of file for downloading: Videos, Images, Music, Applications, anything. And all this is accomplished whilst having a very small footprint on your Androids resources.

Make your downloads smart, effecient, reliable, and easy.
With a user friendly Interface in our "light" or "dark" color schemes available, and notification bar progress interface, you can download what you want (Any file type supported), when you want it (Schedule your downloads), and stay informed on your downloads progress in real time.

Here are some of the features you can expect from LoaderDroid.

* Resumable Downloads (Continue your downloads from the same place it was interrupted)
* Auto pause when your connection is lost
* Auto resume when your connection reappears
* Intercepts links from your Android Browser and other applications
* You can define what connection is allowed for each link (WI-FI, 3G, etc)
* Faster downloading by splitting the download into parts
* Scheduling
* Link replacement feature for outdated links
* Stable, fast and easy to use

It solves many problems with the standard Android Browser, which is sometimes unable to download certain file types (including e-books, video streams, audio, applictions, zip files, etc.)

It may also help load video streams from your favorite websites (for example, the website doesn't natively support downloading and only displays in video player).

Just click on any downloadable link in the Android Browser and select LoaderDroid from the list of applications. Or you can share a link to LoaderDroid using the Android sharing feature.

Also you can click on the "plus" button in the action bar and enter the link manually (by typing or pasting).

And finally you can use embedded browser into LoaderDroid, it automatically detects loadable links as soon as you click on them.

LoaderDroid makes downloading any files, however small or huge, worry free. It's just a matter of time and the available space on your SD-Card.

LoaderDroid supports resumable downloading, so don't worry if you lose your connection or pause a download halfway. LoaderDroid will resume downloading right where it left off the moment your connection is restored.

Using your Android on the go? No problem. Specify what connection you would like to use to download any file individually and rid yourself from the worries of carrier charges. Whether its Wi-Fi at home and 3G on the move, your download will auto pause when you leave your Wi-Fi and resume the moment you're back home.

For most servers, LoaderDroid will load your download in 3 threads: Sometimes this increases downloading speed up to 3 times.

LoaderDroid was designed to be smart. It wont use any type of your Android devices resources if it's not necessary.

This application is ad-supported, if you don't like ads, you want to support the development, or have additional pro features, please buy a license key at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zloy.android.downloader.activator

Please follow/like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/LoaderDroid

UI & Art design by Dmitry Il'chenko aka artedgecreative (http://artedgecreative.deviantart.com)

User Reviews

نسخه ١.۰.١ pro فوق العادست به امتحانش می ارزه !!!!
hassan ganji
وقعا عالیه من چندین ساله دارم ازش استفاده می کنم
فوقلاده است
توی 2 ساعت یه فصل سریال باهاش دانلود کردم !! یه لحظه فکر کردم ژاپنم اصلا :)))
جالبه، ارزش امتحان داره
بهترین دانلود کننده دنیا !!!!!!!!
نسخه 1.0.1 pro از سافت ۹۸ دانلود کنید. دیگه پولی نیست حرف نداره.
balash 1 + dasht vase ezafe kardanr link alan chera nis toro khoda on nabashe in asan b dard nemikhore
محمد مهدی
بهتر از این نمیشه فقط نسخه ی کاملشو بزارین
بهترین مرورگر اندرویدی دنیا
انصافا خیلی عالیه حاظرم 20 شنا برم ولی این برنامه رو ازم نگیرن
هزار برابر از ADM و idm ک واس pc هستش بهتره پنج تا کمه خداییش
سلام دوست عزیز العان علامتی + که گفتی پایین گوشه سمت راسته . راستی دانلود منیجر مگه از اینم بهتر داریم