Blues Live: Soccer fan app

Blues Live: Soccer fan app

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Support Chelsea FC anytime and anywhere with us an other fans.

You'll get everything about Chelsea Football Club in an instant! From the latest news and transfers, game schedule and results to LIVE goal notifications, best editorial articles, fan chats, comments and even tools for making your own posts – all the important features for a true Blues fan!

Our app is free, as fast as Pedro and helps you support the team on the go.

Every CFC fan gets:

✔ Match updates, LIVE scores and results.
✔ Breaking news on latest transfers, rumors and speculations.
✔ Big fan community – chat rooms with hot discussions, comments and polls.
✔ Our own blogging platform – we're happy to give you tools for creating your own posts and publishing them inside the app.
✔ Match previews, lineups, goal notifications and tactics analysis.
✔ Post-match reports, editorial columns and opinion.
✔ Videos.
✔ Game schedule and standings for all main tournaments.
✔ Detailed team and player statistics.
✔ Adjustable push notifications for top news, lineups, scores, yellow and red cards.
✔ Pure emotions!

⚽ You can easily keep an eye on leagues and cups where the Club takes part – Premier League, Champions League, League Cup, FA Cup and friendly matches.

More features will come with our next updates, so stay with us and KEEP THE BLUE FLAG FLYING HIGH!

Our application isn't an official one and isn't created by or endorsed by or otherwise related to the club. It is being developed and supported by Chelsea fans for other fans.

We're open for cooperation. You can contact us with any questions or suggestions at

Let's enjoy football together 💙