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Home Button

نسخه ۱.۰.۰
نصب فعال

“Home Button” application can replace a failed and broken home button for those people who has trouble using button.
This app provides several features and colors to make awesome home button.
It is easy to press or long press on a button as assistive touch.

Key Features:
- Ability to change color button
- Ability to set button size with height and width
- Ability to set vibrate on touch
- Option to hide on keyboard appear

Support command for press and long press action
- Back
- Home
- Recents
- Lock screen (require Device Administrator activation)
- Toggle Wi-Fi on/off
- Power menu
- Split screen
- Launch camera
- Open volume control
- Voice command
- Web search
- Toggle notification panel
- Toggle quick setting panel
- Launch dialer
- Launch web browser
- Launch settings
- Launch this application

Note: If you already activate Device Administrator and you want to uninstall this application, it need to deactivate Device Administrator first. There will be an uninstall menu in 'Help' section to help you easily uninstall this application.

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