Launcher for Google Settings and My Account

Launcher for Google Settings and My Account

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Note: This app help users access Google Settings app while has no relationship with and do not affiliated to Google LLC.

This app is for phones without Google Settings app or its launcher (Icon) in applications menu or inside android settings. Usually, china phone comes without Google Settings neither in app launchers nor under phone settings. Their users suffer from Google Settings problem when they need to manage their Google account. This shortcut application adds a launcher in applications menu allowing you to access Google Settings and Ads Settings, Google account manager easily. It simply use the installed Google Play Services package to launch the settings activity. what launcher means in android is the shortcut or icon appears in applications menu.

Note: the app needs Google Play Services to be installed.

Some of what you can do with Google Settings:
- launch Google account settings
- Get information about what apps are connected to your Google Account. What Google Services they use.
- Disconnect any of the connected apps from your Google Account.
- Clear app data that they store in your Google Account.

- Enable or disable Location Service which allow apps to track the location of your device.
- Manage your location History.

- Launch Ads manager.
- Reset your advertising ID to clear information Google collected about your interest.
- Enable or disable interest based ads.

- Manage you Google+ Account, notifications received from your installed android games.
- Manage Google Drive settings, search settings and Google Now settings.
- Enable Android Device Manager features.
- Enable transfer files only over WiFi for Google Drive.
- Enable application verification to improve security and prevent harmful applications from being installed.

Google, Google Settings, Google+, Google Drive, Google Play Services and the Google logo are registered trademarks of Google LLC, used for informational use.
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