noise image processing

noise image processing

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★★ Digital Image Processing ★★

This program has been designed and implemented with the following features.

:: noise elimination

In this part of our program, we can reduce the noise in the image and get a high quality image at the output.

:: Possibility of filtering

Part of the program is to filter the image you received from and able to use 2 filtering known as

median filter
average filter

The program is able to apply noise to your image, the various noises of pepper and goats' salt and ... And here you can see the filtering and the output image of this filtering.

:: PSNR%

In the program section, the noise percentage is given to the signal, which will give you more help in the analyzes.

This program has been designed and implemented with detailed study of image processing topics and for

Professors and students of the following fields:
Electrical engineering
Computer engineering and ... is appropriate.

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