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Watch, laugh, learn English vocabulary easily and remember forever with the mobile app. This program teaches you many English words with the help of the psychology principle associated with rooting, word breaking, word play and linguistic commonalities. This app will boost your general information in addition to increasing your vocabulary.

Consider the following examples:

 Mobile - swivel - movable: ambulant

 This word is also the root of ambulance. The ambulance also acts as a "mobile" hospital. So this word means moving and moving. The word ambulation means moving and moving from the same root.

 Christian: Christian

 The word Christian pronounced "christian" or "christian" is pronounced like Christmas because they are of a root. Christmas is a Christian holiday, and this word also means Christian. Of course, Christian is both a girl's and a boy's name. When we remove mas, Christ remains, which means Christ, Jesus Christ. Of course its pronunciation is changed to "Christ". In the movies, when someone gets angry or scared, Jesus Christ means Jesus Christ. From this root we have the antichrist meaning antichrist or antichrist.

Split - Split: balkanize

 The word has a political origin and relates to what happened on the Balkan Peninsula. In this region, several countries were divided and divided into smaller and usually hostile countries. For example, Yugoslavia to Slovenia, Croatia,

Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Macedonia were divided. Its name is balkanization.

 Central - Central: central

For example, we say central or central heating. From this root we have a center or center meaning "center" and "center".

And many other words ....

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