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With the advent of science and technology, the masses of various people turned to shortcuts that buy time, calm down, and spare no-brainer.
Nowadays, the development of new technologies, especially the Internet, has led the majority of people to show more interest in the Internet and Internet shopping, as purchasing in the unlimited world will be of benefit to them, including saving time, the possibility of Commodity reviews, price comparisons, and competition based on quality.
Samika is proud to be proud to offer 24-hour product warranties, as well as timely delivery of goods, with the guarantee of the best prices, and the needs of the Iranian people in various fields and with any age group with the removal of intermediaries and, of course, with support. It supplies Iranian goods.

You can buy the best quality goods from all over the country at the most affordable price. Fast delivery is one of the characteristics of the Samika, and even in Hamedan this time has fallen below two hours. One of the other benefits of free shipping in Hamedan is shopping for over 35,000 USD. The high-speed, compact Flat-rate Sikika app simplifies work for users and takes away the time and energy from the audience. You can shop at Samika for all hours of the day, and you can also attend special festivals at the event, and enjoy items at a lower price than the regular shop. High quality products, timely delivery of orders and the feeling of financial security are our highest goal to satisfy the customers.

Advantages of Samika:

* Possibility to pay at the place (in Hamedan)

* Guaranteed the best price

* 24-hour warranty for products

* Express delivery

* 24-hour accountability via communication bridges

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