Motivational Quotes - Daily

Motivational Quotes - Daily

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Motivational Quotes - Daily

Motivational Quotes - Daily

Motivational Soul
Version 10.54
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Category Lifestyle
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Last Update 2024 March 22
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Goal of Motivational Quotes - Daily is to motivate, guide and inspire you. Be part of the millions of happy users who include this motivation app in their daily routine to improve their overall well-being. You get free access to millions of motivational quotes, inspirational speeches, guided meditations, breathing exercises, rain sounds and sleep music. This app motivates your mind with a strong feeling that nothing can stop you. Daily quote notifications give you positive energy to overcome anything that comes your way during the day.

When you feel motivated, you can:
§ Concentrate better and get more done
§ Face fears and worries
§ Inspire, cheer, and back yourself up
§ Beat sadness, temptations, and bad habits
§ Defeat your inner struggles
§ Achieve personal, fitness or business goals

Reading motivational quotes and listening to inspirational audios every day can really improve how you think and handle things. It's like training your mind and heart to be strong.

§ Motivation
§ Self-Improvement
§ Daily Affirmations
§ Inspirational quotes
§ Business
§ Productivity
§ Fitness
§ Overcoming challenges
§ Gratitude

§ Daily Quote notifications
§ Motivational speeches from famous celebrities and authors
§ Download or share quote images
§ Breathing exercises
§ Guided meditations
§ Sleep music
§ White noise and ambient sounds
§ New updated quotes every hour
§ Make collections of your favorite quotes and audios
§ Always 100% free

Listen to latest motivational speeches from celebrities like:
-Elon Musk
-Oprah Winfrey
-Denzel Washington
-David Goggins
-Jordan Peterson
-Kobe Bryant
-Tony Robbins

Over 100 category genres - People, Attitude, Wisdom, Fitness, Confidence, Life, Mental Toughness, Overthinking, Encouragement, Love, Relaxation, Gratitude, Stress, Meditation, Ambition, Depression, Productivity, Women, Running, Happiness, Goal Setting, Prosperity, Truth, Healthier, Energized, Affirmations, Healing, Disciplined, Focus, Money, Wellness, Morning Motivation, Kindness, Growth, Studying, Stoicism, Faith, Mental Health, Sadness, Leadership, Loss, Self Care, Time Management, Love, Relationships, Parents, Mindfulness, Accomplishments, Affirmations, Burnout, Friends, Self-confidence, Opportunities, Self Esteem, Resistance, Emotional Intelligence, Resistance, Brain Boost, Faith, Spirituality, Christian, Wealth, Finances, Career, Rain sounds, Celebrity advice, Anxiety, Teamwork, Inner peace and Life Lessons.

This app lets you read and download millions of quotes and listen to the world's best motivational audios and meditations for free.

Download the Motivational Quotes - Daily App today and Begin Living Your Happiest Life!

600+ sleep sounds:
Rain on rooftop music
ASMR sounds
Meditation music
White noise
Nature sounds
Water sounds
Healing music
Isochronic brainwaves
Binaural beats

1000+ meditations:
Morning meditation
Stress and anxiety relief
Better sleep
Restful sleep
Tinnitus relief
Yoga Nidra
Deep sleep
Heart coherence
Cooldown relaxation

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