Bricks Breaker Deluxe Crusher

Bricks Breaker Deluxe Crusher

Version 19
Install +2 K
Category Puzzle
Size 18 MB
Last Update 2023 March 16
Bricks Breaker Deluxe Crusher

Bricks Breaker Deluxe Crusher

Version 19
Install +2 K
Category Puzzle
Size 18 MB
Last Update 2023 March 16
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Relax your brain and play the best bricks breaker game this year.
Touch and shoot balls to break all bricks. You must clear all bricks to finish each level. Find the best aim angle to break a maximum of bricks.
The bricks are destroyed when their score reach 0. Break the bricks before they hit the bottom of the screen.

Bricks Breaker Deluxe is a addictive and challenging brick game.
Just play it to relax your brain. Be focus on breaking bricks and you will find it more funny and exciting.

How to play
- Hold the screen with your finger and move to aim.
- Find best positions and angles to hit all bricks.
- When the durability of brick reaches 0, destroyed.
- Never let bricks reach the bottom or game is over.
- The ball flies to wherever you touched.
- Clear the stages by removing bricks on the board.
- Break the bricks and never let them hit the bottom.
- Find best positions and angles to hit every brick.

- Easy to play
- Colorful glow skins.
- Easy game controls with one finger.
- Thousands of stages! Endless game mode.
- More props to get more fun!
- Achievements & leaderboard supported.

Just focus on breaking. Find best position to deal damage to bricks and break bricks.
- Fire a ball with a touch.
- damage the bricks with the ball.
- bricks are destroyed when its scores decreased to 0.
- Break the bricks and never let them hit the bottom

Shoot and break bricks!

Brick Breaker Deluxe is an addictive ball shooter game with tons of unique levels! Earn combos, power-ups, and unique items for even more fun!
Bricks Ball Deluxe is a classic brick game popular all over the world. As one of the world's top brick games, Bricks Ball Deluxe will provide you with tons of fun. The game contains tens of thousands of well-designed levels. Great for killing time. Once you start, you won’t want to stop! Play is simple: Just swipe or tap to shoot and blast bricks. Break as many bricks as you can at once to earn stars & gems. Use those rewards to unlock new types of bonus & boosters! While easy to learn, it’s not a simple task to become a ball master! Stretch your brain to calculate the precise angle of the ball and rebound paths using our guiding line! Keep at it, and you’ll blast your way to victory! Join the brick world and enjoy all the different challenges and puzzles that await you!
- Bricks and balls of various colors!
- Aim and shoot to break bricks!
- Easy to play, challenging to master!
- Use power boosters to pass harder levels!
- Tons of unique puzzles full of fun and amazing challenges!.
- Smooth and accurate aiming
- 3000 + levels - Superb physical playing method experience

Brick Breaker Deluxe is so fun. The ball will fly in any direction you touch - Find the best position and angle to hit each brick - Complete the mission by breaking bricks on the screen When breaking bricks, never let them touch the bottom Introduction to rescue mode: In the interesting and challenging rescue theme, the character is stranded, and you need to break bricks to help him escape. Many skill balls and props can help you get over obstacles and pass difficult levels. Try to use different shooting skills and strategies to break the bricks.

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