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Ubuntu Live Wallpaper

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Wallpaper inspired by Ubuntu phone ?Welcome Screen?.
Are you a fan of Ubuntu? Waiting for Ubuntu Phone? So do we! :)
If you can wait no more, we have small substitute for your android phone! You can enjoy a live wallpaper that is similar to Ubuntu Phone ?Welcome Screen? from Canonical.
Pure fan project! From fans for fans!

* Animated background
* Integration with the system clock
* Battery integration
* Double tap on the wallpaper to see available features
* For tablets and phones
* More features are coming (clock/date format change and 'circle' repositioning are next on the list)
* This wallpaper don't work in the background! You can check this - clock change animation is fired up when you are returning on your home screen. The only reason for this is because wallpaper is 'frozen' when not on the screen.
* You can move this wallpaper to sdcard to reduce size below 2MB, but remember - if you unmount sdcard then wallpaper will be replaced by default!

This app is our ?hobby? project. We are still working on this and you can expect new features. If you like this app, please let us know - or show it to your friends! This will keep us motivated :) You can also check our other apps, especially "Sokoban Garden 3D" if you like puzzle games - this one is really great!
If you have any suggestions please contact us at: j.f.grzesik@gmail.com

Recent changes:
Coming next: Many people have problems with bugs, we will try to smash most of them in next update! Color picker need to wait :( New options in settings are coming! We still have problems with performance on some devices.

* Double tap fix on small devices
* Possibility to move 'main circle' in preview
* Possibility to scale 'main circle' in preview
* Clock format in settings
* Date format in settings

* New battery feature (double tap to activate)

Content rating: Everyone

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