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With the petals app, with both the Internet and the Internet (USSD), you can easily recharge, pay bills and pay your mobile bills, buy a packet, pay a fine, buy antivirus and buy a mobile computer, buy a card and At the end, take part in the petals' monthly drawings and win valuable petals.

"All petal apps are free and the app also has an e-trust symbol."

Petal's features include:

- Buy a charge card for the first mobile SIM cards, Irancell, Rhythm and Talia

- Buy Direct Charge for Mobile First, Irancell and Rhythm SIM Cards

- Payment of water, electricity, gas and telephone bills by scanning barcodes by barcode reader or by entering billing ID and payment ID

- Purchase Irancell Internet packages with First & Reytal

- Payment of traffic offenses

- Inquiries and payment of bills between the period and the end of the line of permanent lines along first

- Buy antivirus original portable computer

- Buy cards of all types

- All services of mobile operators, Irancell and Rylet

- View history and details of completed transactions

Note: All petal apps can be purchased online (with the Internet) and offline (without USSD Internet).

It is worth mentioning that the Petals Art Products Store at www.golbarg.net is also the sponsor of this app.

"An Iranian Producer Supporting Petals App"

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