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Find musical chord progressions that work with Songo. A simple song helper.
Not your average chord finder, Songo is a songwriting and music education tool that will help you discover chord progressions by grouping chords of the same key together. Songo is an audible reference tool for all 12 musical keys, including chords and scales. Transpose music or just play around. No music theory knowledge required.

You will also discover chord progressions to many famous hit songs just by tapping about in Songo... who would have thought it could be this easy!

- View the notes that make up each chord
Mm - change the current chord from major to minor or vice versa
m7 - add a flattened 7th note to the current chord
M7 - add a 7th note to the current chord
AUTO CHORD - play generative automatic chord sequences based on the Songo algorithm
SCALES - see the current key\'s Major scale (Ionian) and access other modes (outside the current key)
AUTO-SCALE - play generative automatic note sequences based on the Songo algorithm

Whether you play guitar, keyboard, saxophone, trumpet, trombone or nothing at all Songo can be a valuable songwriting assistant.

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Recent changes:
Songo 2.1

- Adjusted default sharps and flats to be more consistent with accepted music theory. Settings toggle now only applies to the key of Gb / F#.

Songo 2.0

- (FULL VERSION) Introducing the SCALES panel with different modes and the ability to play notes along with chords.
- Various interface tweaks
- Settings for toggling visual appearance, including display of sharps or flats
- Help and Info is now available via the menu.

Content rating: Everyone

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