Shamandar (Virtual Number)

Shamandar (Virtual Number)

Version 2.8
In-app Purchases
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1 × Buy your SIM card (you have more than 18 countries to provide a virtual number)

All the numbers you receive are exclusive to you

3x Ability to use numbers on all social networks and sites

4) You can determine and change your number before purchasing

5x on all sites and chat programs and social networks without any restrictions

Create an account with Shahruddin and instantly in less than 1 minute

You can also increase the channel and group and the likes and phallores of the Instagram with Shargh

8th Sharghand will charge you only at a time, until you receive the code (it will not be deducted until the code is taken)

9 The number you buy until you delete or delete the account for yourself, and no one else uses them except you.

🔟 24-hour support and complete software guidance. There is also a training video in the software

Thank you fellow countrymen for your support

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