زیارت عاشورا

زیارت عاشورا

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In the name of God

Those who went to work Hosseini. Zeinab who they were to do something, otherwise Yazidi ((doctor Ali Shariati))

Ashura pilgrimage comprehensive application software to read these prayers is virtuous.
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The software specific to graphics and have the following:
-Zyart With actions and translator
-Mtn Arabic Ashura pilgrimage
Persian -Mtn Ashura pilgrimage
-Fzylt Of Ashura pilgrimage
-Qyam Ashura
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In the first part of the menu software is a complete software includes complete Ashura pilgrimage, translation and exercise is recommended.
Sound is cut out of the sector.
In the third section of the menu Persian translation software is accurate as of the Ashura pilgrimage.
In the fourth part of the menu of the software application by virtue of Shiite traditions which are very interesting.
In the fifth part of short sentences and beautiful religious scholars placed in the archive.

* A special menu with drag and drop on the left to the right, is displayed.

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