Arabic dictionary tenth

Arabic dictionary tenth

Version 1.3.1
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Do not worry about keeping Arabic words!
This program will help you easily transfer words to your long-term memory.
The most important feature of the program:
- View all the terms of the textbook by division of lessons
- A four-choice test of all the words in the lesson's form
- Issue of the workplan after the end of the test
- Ability to mark desired words and display them in a separate list
- Ability to adjust the type of translation of words (Arabic to Persian or Persian to Arabic)

Also note that this software is for the foundation of the tenth discipline of the sciences, mathematics and physics, technical and vocational branches and knowledge work.

Sources: Textbook (Arabic Book Foundation, tenth of Empirical Sciences, Mathematics and Physics, Technical and Vocational Branches, and Principles of Publication, Academic Year 97-96)

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