recovery pishrafteh +demo

recovery pishrafteh +demo

Version 1.6
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Demo version of Restore Photos 

❌ Unintentionally deleted? 

How do you move your photos to disappear? 

Did you get your photo format? Did you have a photo? 

How much time is it to remove the past images? 

Did you try other software but did not? 

No worries! Because all this worries are useless with this software ✔ 

You can easily revert back to the ones you deleted even the format or the length of time you deleted it (even without the handset). 

With the help of the Recycle Bin, you can even recover photos that are lost or lost due to transferring or removing hidden software. 

Our support team is open 24 hours a day and receives questions and tips to get your deleted photos faster. 

Do not worry now 

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