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Setar Pro

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This app is a Real Persian SETAR musical instrument simulator with oriental quarter flat tune scales with Real sound of Setar and Accords

you will be able to play Setar easily without having any knowledge in music

- The app has different Persian and Arabic rhythms and accords
-You are able to select the Octave and the Scales
- It has Arabic and Persian Scales with quarter flat notes
- you can easily change the volumes of the instrument , rhythm and accord to make a good mix
- Recording while you are Performing is available

if you are subscribing us and have seen our apps before , you will download it without any doubt :)
if this is the first time , you can just see our history in instrument apps and see the downloads and reviews then you will download it for sure.

what are you waiting for ?!
the app video is available and download is completely FREE
you can uninstall it if you don't like it

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