Random Music Alarm - zzzi

Random Music Alarm - zzzi

Version 1.9.2
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If you're irritated by same alarm sound everyday, Here is the way!
It's free.

It's super easy!
Spin the wheel to set the alarm!
Wake up to new and different music everyday!

It will also recommend you new and cool music to wake up to.
Give the alarm an extra spin to turn it off and check that day’s weather.

All your alarms will be stored so you can turn them back ON whenever you feel like.

■ Key Features
- Simple Setting Wheel
- Snooze (5 min)
- Repeat Options (Everyday, Weekdays or One Time Alarm)
- Weather Information
- Alarm Music Log History
- Listen to Music Again
- Send Logs to Facebook
- Some General Options

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※ This application does not support low resolution devices properly.

*The application will need access to:

① Your Location :
Purely to check weather conditions for you. It won’t be stored to any server.

② Storage :
To save your alarm’s history.

③ Network connection :
To stream alarm music and weather information.

④ System tools:
To set alarm in silent mode and turn the screen off.

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