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In today's world where the disease is rife, both physicians and patients seeking diagnosis and treatment of diseases Bashndv
But the problem is that some of the causes for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, even ignored. Recently,
Scientific and medical world have concluded that the old methods, or traditional medicine as
New methods of diagnosis and treatment can be effective.
One of the conditions for success in the treatment of diseases and primary health care is the existence and use of medication
Is right. Plants have always been one of public resources for traditional medicines or as products
Are chemical pure exploitation. So that has caused the World Health Organization,
A comprehensive list of herbs and extracts publish them.
The aim of this Brtamh familiarizing yourself with some of the famous daily to strengthen the body and prevent diseases used and the condition of their properties can be exploited, separately and briefly talk that Knym.amydvarym The scope of the study and discussion you to see what a beautiful world of plants and beneficial and valuable work in our lives.
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