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Worship all the loved ones

Kaaba of hearts (Hussein (AS)) includes:

1 * Speech with 3 decades full of waves

2 * rosay

3 * Breast

4 * Rush Hosseini

5 * Luggage Muharram


Different and new categories make your loved ones easy

Access the content.

 1 - <<<< in the lecture section is 4 decades >>>>

Which includes (first decade / second decade / awesome ash / aryan))

2 - <<<< in the rosade section in the order of Muharram, Zero, Arbaeen. >>>>

Included in the category included ((Dear Admirers like Haj Mansour Arabi and Haj Saeed

Mohammad Reza Taheri and Haj Mahmoud Karimi and Haj Seyed Majid Bani

Vhaj Fatima Mehdi Hassan Khalaj Myrdamadvhaj Meysam docile Vhaj Vhaj

Mehdi Salahshour))

3 - <<<< In the section of the woman's breasts are sorted by the old devotees >>>>

Which includes the woman's passion and breasts, and the style and color of the woman's breasts

We've put it in the style of the link to easily access it.

4 * <<<< In the section of the tomb of Moharram contains 5 parts >>>>

Ashura pilgrimage along with translation and translation of Ashura without the translation of Venice includes audio

Includes 4 mods that have a download link

It also includes the Gallery and Mailboxesticker and Imam Hossein Online

5 * <<<< In the luggage section of Hosseini contains 7 parts >>>>

Imam Hussein Imam (AS) *** Hadith of Imam Hussein (AS) *** Everything from Ashura

*** Companions of Imam Hossein *** The verdicts of Muharram *** Muharram's doubts *** The rising of Hosseini

The Ka'bah of hearts contains all the needs in the context of the month of Muharram

 It will be in the next update of this month program

Zero and other content (new background and layout for other speakers will be more complete)


Our contribution to this program

Developer share: 32110 Rials
Market share: 13761 Rials
Tax: 4129 Rials

It took a lot of time to collect the content. So much so please do not give a bad idea and do not worry

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