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📞 KaariX for everyone

If you want to have a better job and income! ✋

If you want to experience a proficient internship!

If you want to hire the best companies.

If you want to see pre-employment training courses, online or in person. It does not matter. Educational events in your city.

If you want to give your job to a professional! ✋

If you are looking for a list of the most experienced trainees! Those who are interested

If you want to hold an event or invite several people to interview for a few minutes!

If you need a person today for home or company work! Get the best expert! Hiring the closest person to your company.

KaariX gives you personalized and organizational services. Gentlemen with incomplete resumes and best attract people. Give your work to professional and courteous professionals.

📌 You can work on the cartoon to do something. View the opinions of the previous ordering specialists and select the best and closest expert from the map.

Hire the closest people. See the most interesting trainees. All of this is free. Even if you are looking for someone to do your homework. Tutoring your own examiner or tutor, or repairing your computer or accounting, cleaning your car and washing your car, cooking for a party or nursing from your beloved child; ordering work for the most professional, polite professionals, simple and unexpected, free and one click Is done. The closest thing to the nearest person is suggested. More than 2000 jobs are covered in the KaariX . Do not do things alone...

💰 For Professionals

The registration is free of charge and anyone can earn money at KaariX. Professionals do not pay wages at KaariX. Can be hired, or take a free pre-employment training course or apply for a large company. Even if you do not have a special skill, you can do the daily shopping of the shopkeepers, either intern or student work. From corporate and business management, accounting, graphics and art to home cleaning, home and office shopping, secretary and software training, doing projects, repairing laptops and computers, car outlets, and even caring for animals! These are not all the same ... View your customers' statistics and submit your cart for AliReza @ KaariX to your customers directly to your work page. Add and paste your online business card into channels and groups. Make money

💼 For shopkeepers

If you have a store, you can register your store, and make a stylish photo of it. And then add some of your products as an example, and you can also display a nice banner of advertising to professionals.

If you want to be hired as a vendor in a store, just write that you are a sales specialist, for example, a dealer or a dealer of equipment, etc., just how strong you are and you can sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo! ! Write down your work history and give you a complete explanation of your wage. And tell me you want to hire.

♨️ for organizations

KaariX helps companies and startups select a specialist in accordance with their own corporate standards, behaviors, and culture, according to the views of other previous employers on the specialist, with the regional filter, and a sophisticated selection of thousands of incomplete resumes. To a simple and professional choice. Cartesian organizational services also include targeted advertising and targeted advertising. You can even inform a group of professionals (with a special field of work) that they will attend your training classes. KaariX introduces you to the best trainees. It also brings your recruitment opportunities to the attention of the best. If you're in a hurry, just call.

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Career Guide for Careers: https://kaarix.work/blog


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