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Word & Trivia

Babakarm Game

A fun and entertaining environment with a collection of word games and question and answer

In this game, old Tehran jobs such as duveters, carpenters, cursors, quilts, dishwashers, shoemakers, bakery makers, pilgrims, moguls, calligraphers and hundreds of lost jobs are depicted and recognizable titles such as Lotti Milky, Tombak Lotto Shower, Tricky Lottery, Strapless Lotto, Puppy Lottery, Master Grocery Lottery can be attractive

Teaching words to children with playgrounds and musicals

💥 Increasing the range of adult words and entertainment

Fun and Improvement of Ancient Memory in a Nostalgic Space

Suitable for all ages and can be played offline anytime and anywhere

Increase the level of information and vocabulary

Improve the level of visual intelligence

Getting to know the characters and characters of ancient Tehran, in a nostalgic and engaging atmosphere


With Babakram's birth log, you never forget anyone's birthday, and you can send them greetings and cakes on time.

((((((((((((((((Daily game))))))))

Test your daily level of play and set new records

* Suitable for all ages

* Simple, engaging and addictive gameplay

* Happy, engaging and varied stages

* Exciting graphics ⚡️

* Attractive competition

* Get help from friends

Traditional and fun music

* A tough but sweet and exciting challenge

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