Hajji Firuz (Special Nowruz 95)

Hajji Firuz (Special Nowruz 95)

Version Norooz 95
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Your fellow New Victory / O home every day you wind Nowruz
After this each day better than the day we / us everlasting to everlasting flower. . .

                                            Happy New Year 1395


Nowruz, celebrating the glorious ancient Iran, telling the history of our homeland brilliant and important manifestation of the rich culture of the Iranian people.

Hajji Firuz top-ups in relation to the ancient festival of Nowruz 95, install, enjoy.

◄ Bank SMS with a different theme (greeting, humor ...)
◄ hundreds of images and postcards with topics (greetings and Tnr ..) with abandonment Share in (WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, etc.)

◄ storage capabilities in mobile albums


Norooz Victory

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