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Englishfun: Joke

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Learning English Can Be Fun!


The above sentence is our motto and the English Fun software collection is designed based on this belief.
English Fun: Joke is a unique collection of the most beautiful English jokes with educational contents such as Persian translation and comments to the complex parts. Obviously, learning English via jokes is a very effective way because what you study in cheer and laughter will be memorized more permanently.






♦ Difficult word and phrases are clickable. The meaning/comments pops up when you touch them.

♦ The meaning popups can be in either English or Persian language.

♦ A full Persian translation is provided for each joke. You can see the either English, Persian, or both texts at the same time.

♦ The size of the Persian/English text screens is adjustable

♦ A unique animated orbiting menu lies under the smiley face at the bottom of the joke page

♦ All the jokes are categorized in the levels of easy, difficult, and very difficult

♦ The read jokes are marked as read for future reference

♦ You can specify your favorite jokes by clicking on the heart icon for future reference

♦ All the jokes are categorized in several categories such as men jokes, wemon jokes, family jokes, medical jokes, etc

♦ The main menu allows you to find a joke based on different criteria. You can access a random joke, the today joke, jokes by difficulty, jokes by category, favorites, read jokes, and unread jokes.




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