Recitation of the Holy Qur'an

Recitation of the Holy Qur'an

نسخهٔ 1.8
30,000 Tomans
Install +2 K
دسته‌بندی Religious
حجم 4 MB
آخرین بروزرسانی 2021 January 28
Recitation of the Holy Qur'an

Recitation of the Holy Qur'an

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نسخهٔ 1.8
30,000 Tomans
Install +2 K
دسته‌بندی Religious
حجم 4 MB
آخرین بروزرسانی 2021 January 28
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★The most complete recitation application of the Holy Quran includes over 500 reciters from 40 famous Egyptian and Iranian speakers

★ All program sounds are downloaded in mp3 format and in the best quality possible.

★ For quick and easy download, you can download audio from the general download menu.

★ It is possible to play online each audio file so you can download and save the sound if you want it.

★ The path to save audio files inside telavquran phone directory management. Sounds of each recitation are stored separately in a separate folder, respectively.


Some features of the app:

✔ Actively enable or disable Persian translation while displaying the text of the Quran

✔ To view dedicated hosts to increase download speeds

✔ Ability to share voices on social networks or send via zapia and bluetooth

✔ Ability to add rehearsals to your favorites list for easier access

✔ Search Ability Based on Surahs of the Quran

✔ Ability to replay unlimited audio files

✔ Avoid downloading downloaded audio files

✔ Ability to adjust all colors as the background of the verses and colors of the text pen

✔ Ability to change the font of the verses of the Qur'an (Uthman Ta'a, Nayrizi, Iran Sans, Nazanin)

✔ Ability to resize text and space between lines

✔ The ability to permanently display the screen

✔ Can be installed and running on all Android phones

arabic recitation: 

1-Abdel basset Muhammad Abde ssamad 

2-Mustafa Ismail 

3-Mohamed Siddiq El-Minshawi 

4-Shahat Muhammad Anwar 

5-Ragheb Mustafa Ghalwash 

6-Mohammad Mahmoud Taballavi 

7-Mohammad Rafat 


9-Mohammad elisi 

10-Ahmad Shabib 

11-Abdolfattah Shashaie 

12-Abolinin Shahishi 

13-Abdul Aziz Hasan 

14-Abdul Aziz Sayyad 

15-Mahmood Ali al-bna'a 

16-Ahmad Naina 

17-kamel Yousef al-Bhatami 

18-Ahmad Basoni 

19-Abdul Moneim Tokhi 

20-Mohammad Abdul Wahab Tantawi 

21-Saeed Moslem 

22-Anwar Shahat Anwar 

23-Mahmud Shahat Anwar 

24-Muhammad Umran 

25- Abdolfattah Taruwati 

26-Mahmood Ramazan 

27-Hojjaj Ramadan Alandava 

28-Mahmood Khalil al-Hassari 

29-Said Saeed 

30-Rafat Hossein 

iranian recitation : 

1-Karim Mansouri 

2-Abbas Imam jome 

3-Hamed Shaker Nezhad 

4-Mohammad Reza Shajarian 

5-Ahmad Abolqasemi 

6. Mohammad Hossein Saeidian 

7. Mohammad Javad Panahi 

8-Seyyed Javad Hosseini 

9-Javad Forughi 

10-rahim khaki 

نظرات کاربران - 706 رأی
۴.۲ از ۵
واقعا خیلی عالیه
سیاه موی مند
سیاه موی مند
درود بیکران و خسته نباشید، کیفیت صدای فایل‌های قرار گرفته پایین و نامطلوبه، این در حالیه که همین تلاوت‌ها در بسترهای دیگه با کیفیت بالاتری موجودن، همچنین مبلغ ۲۰۰۰۰ تومان برای این تعداد تلاوت معقول نیست، با لحاظ کردن چند مورد کوچک قطعا نرم‌افزار قابل قبولتری خواهد بود.