sleep book

sleep book

Version F b6
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* Full sleep interpretation *

* With advanced search functionality

* Has a list of Persian words

* Dream interpretation is a narrative of different motifs such as:

Imam Ja'far Sadegh, Mohammad Bin Syrin, Prophet Daniel, Ibrahim Kermani, Manouchehr Motie'i Tehrani, Yusuf, Layla Brett and Land of Dreams

* Beautiful template design with color shift and font text

* Has hadiths for dream interpretation

* Has a dream interpretation schedule

The program has tried all the words that they interpret

Be in the program and complete the program.

If you did not interpret the word, the word you intended was not in the program

You can submit the word in the contact with us in the application

To be upgraded to the future

Thanks and gratitude for choosing and installing this app. Due to the cost of producing and producing this app and offering it completely free, the program has advertisements and may take a little bit of your internet usage. Thank you for your patience.

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