Version 9.1
In-app Purchases
Install +1 K
Category Shopping
Size 5 MB
Last Update 2022 October 30


Version 9.1
In-app Purchases
Install +1 K
Category Shopping
Size 5 MB
Last Update 2022 October 30
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Install the Tabinow app now and be one of the thousands of people who trade their desired product or service!

Tabinow application and site is a platform for free publication of all kinds of advertisements and the need to buy and sell new and used goods.

Looking to buy a house or shop? Are you planning to sell your used car and replace it with a zero car? Looking to buy a mobile phone, but do you think the price of online stores is unfair? Are you planning to immigrate and want to sell your household items in the shortest time? Do you have a lot of watches, glasses and accessories that you never use?

With Tabinow application, wherever you are in Iran, you can sell your car, house, electronics and home appliances or personal belongings at a reasonable price and without intermediaries, or in the shortest time, you can find your favorite goods or services in your city or nearby cities. .

You can use Tabinow application to receive and provide services as well as buying and selling goods in the following different categories:

• Real Estate: Buying and selling houses, apartments, villas and shops

: Vehicles: Buy and sell passenger cars, classic and heavy and rental car ads

• Electronics: buying and selling mobile phones and tablets, laptops and computers, game consoles, audio and video equipment, etc.

• Home appliances: buying and selling home appliances, kitchen appliances, building tools and equipment, etc.

• Services: All kinds of catering and ceremony services, cleaning, entertainment, computer, financial and accounting, etc.

• Personal items: buying and selling bags, shoes, clothes, cosmetics, baby clothes, stationery and ...

• Entertainment and parting: buying and selling tickets and tours, books and magazines, collections, musical instruments, sports equipment and ...

• Social: events, voluntary events, missing persons, etc.

• For business: buying and selling equipment and machinery, wholesale and ...

• Recruitment and employment: administrative and managerial, caretaker, civil engineering and construction, computer and information technology, finance and accounting, etc.

• And....

If you are a seller

Take a photo of the product you are going to sell. Then write a description for your product (product or service) and specify its price. Finally, place your ad in the related category on Tabinow.

((Rest assured, the right buyer will be found in the shortest time.))

If you are a buyer

First, go to the category related to your needs. Find the right product or service from the ads according to the photo and description.

You can also use the filters in the application to find the desired product faster and more accurately. Once you find what you are looking for, contact the seller by phone or email chat.

Some of the benefits of using Tabinow:

• Free advertising

• More than 180 different categories for goods and services

• Promote ads to get more views and sell the product faster (ladder and instant and special ads)

• Ability to select multiple cities simultaneously to search for goods

• 24-hour support 7 days a week

• Convenience and ease of use

Do you have any suggestions or criticisms about Tabinow program? Let us know in the comments below:

WhatsApp support number: 09151006749

Install the Tabinow app now and make your first deal!

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