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In the year 3020, when science and knowledge reached their peak of prosperity, people live on the red planet and in the beauty of our planet, with goodness and happiness; But this happiness does not last long.

A strange number of TR-55s, with a more advanced civilization, are attacking the planet, and after looting its resources, some people, including the wife of our character, are kidnapping "Hasti" for experiments.

This race, unlike us and the people of the Red Planet we live on, created holes in and around our planet.

As the only hope for the people of the Red Planet, you must infiltrate their base and save your people by crossing security barriers and protective guards.

The fun music of the game helps you to experience the pleasure of a part of the adventure in space.

Be aware of your fuel! Because fuel is very important in this game and you can use gravity in parts and let gravity lower your ship.

Focus, accuracy and speed of action play an important role in this game and help you to overcome security barriers in a timely manner.

So get to work right now and challenge yourself.

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