Hammelk (Hamadan)

Hammelk (Hamadan)

Version Apk32-201201
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"Hammelk", Country Real Estate Database

Active Cities: Hamedan

"Hammelk" is a free real estate consultant. All real estate consultant files are available at "Hammelk" and no more real estate consultants are required.

App Features "Hammelk":

1- Possibility of registering the property and sending it to the co-owner's site only by real estate consultants (expert panel of real estate advisors)

2- Access all real estate consultant files and no need to visit real estate consultants

Advanced search capabilities including neighborhood, facilities, prices, infrastructure and ...

4- Ability to search the neighborhood through maps

5. Possibility to entrust the property to real estate advisers

6. Register the essentials of the property on the home page

7- Display of interior and exterior images of the property along with full details of the property with details

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