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Social Security Organization (SSO) is a social insurer organization in Iran which provides coverage of wage-earners and salaried workers (Compulsory) as well as voluntary coverage of self-employed persons (Optionally). The population covered by this organization is about 13 million people insured and more than 3 million pensioner, with the families of the insured, the population covered by the organization for health care reaches over 41 million.

According to the Social Security Organization's approach, the first release of mobile application (My Tamin) has been designed and implemented by the Office of RAHBARY SYSTEMHA in the field of e-Services, public information and awareness-raising.

Through our social security application (My Tamin), e-Services are provided as follows:

- Every insured person is able, after entering his username, password and mobile number, a descriptive indexer of his identity information, all insurance records by year and workshop, all medical records (medical prescription) separated by year and show the date of prescription, insurance information that contains: the last day of the last background record, the last wage, the status of medical support, the status of the insurer, the type of insurance, the insurer details of the branch and the workshop.

- Inquiry of pensioners with the ability to display the latest pay slips of pensions.

- Inquiry and display the amount of employers' liabilities in a deterministic and definitive manner for all workshops /contracts covered by the employer.

- Display contact information base on special data and GIS (Geographic Information System) for all service centers in insurance, health area and all suppliers of SSO.

- Provide a contact list to all the centers of the organization with the location of each center on the map, in separation by, the headquarters, department of the Provinces, subsidiary branch, branch offices, brokers, provincial treatment management, medical commissions, medical records investigation offices, hospitals , clinics, polyclinics, di clinics, centers of occupational medicine and dental care centers.

- Possibility to display the user's location on the map and display the nearest center to user.

- Ability to search service provision centers.

- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

- News of the organization separate by the latest news and the most popular.

- The ability to access organizational forms in various functions and domains.

- Electronic service desk by type of service, processes of each service and logging to the system.

- Familiarity with the rules and introduction of Iranian insurance services abroad, Iranians insurance deposits abroad and insurance of foreigners.

- The introduction and possibility of contact with official overseas insurance brokers.

For the benefit of the insured from my social security application, it is essential that you first register at the registration system. Employers can also use the debt inquiry that are already registered on the e-Services sending system (Internet), premium list of Social Security Organization or receive electronic notification (such as e-mail, SMS, etc.).

All rights reserved for My Tamin software, belong to the RAHBARY SYSTEMHA

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