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The smartphone is an app for providing various services to the user. This application facilitates the full service intelligence process due to the wide range of services.

Online smartphone service request for you
We do not want to delete other apps in this area and only have a smartphone, but we believe that with the smartphone, you can change your lifestyle.

Customers can order their requested services, such as:

-Getting a home


Mobile car

-car service


-Being and stuffing

- And dozens of services that are needed in each city can be different

Through the Smart App.

Smartphone service providers are selected by specialist staff and are given priority on a new order, taking into account the benefits of their previous customers.

The AppCleaner Smart is designed to allow customers to have complete control over their order from the time the order is placed to the end, and end up with a comment.

# Intelligent_Services_make

On your smartphone, you can earn money from your panel.

Smart in the cities of Tehran - Hamedan - Sari - Mahmoodabad - Yazd - Bushehr - Shiraz is available to you.

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