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Family Protection Act

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The Family Protection Act is a law that has discussed legal issues in Iran, including marriage and divorce, that have been adopted three times so far.

The Family Protection Act was approved by the Judiciary at a meeting of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's cabinet in July. Some sections of the law have been criticized by political and social activists, who see it as weakening the family and in violation of the constitution, although they also support parts of the law as positive measures. According to one of the most controversial articles in the law, men do not need the permission of their former spouse to remarry and only need to prove to the court their financial ability to have a new wife.

The Family Protection Law, comprising fifty-eight articles, was open on Tuesday

The first of March was one thousand three hundred ninety-one and the Islamic Consultative Assembly was approved and approved by the Council of Representatives on 1/8/11.

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