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In the name of God,


Mobile app clinic is a medical information application partly has collected medical information.

It might happen to you when getting a disease, the doctor, with one larger and more informed about the disease and consult your query and obtain information.

And that you may want to provide information about a particular disease to another person.

Well, this program is intended to help you get some of these cases.

Such as:

The definition of a particular disease

Signs and symptoms

The detection and prevention

And how to treat it

Darmangah raise compatriots objective medical information and will not be any charge against them.

But so far we have tried to make the application and database application should be complete and is not exhaustive, it is hoped that in this case the help of God and all of you, those who try to cooperate with a variety of patient information and specifications With us you can put a comprehensive program for public access.

Some features of the program:

- Offline!

- No ads.

- High speed when working with software.

- Category diseases.

- Advanced search by type of disease, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment type.

- Small size compared to performance.

- Simple and user-friendly.

- Easy to use.

- The ability to create password.

- Ability to create an observation to Guest.

- Ability to change the font size information, the volume buttons.

- Sharing with regard to the software available on the phone.





be with us..

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