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Book content:

Short stories with motivational and energetic sentences for success in work and life

Presentation style:

Audio and text files along with motivational and energetic short stories for success in work and life

more details:

The app was originally a book and its content is an excerpt and excerpts from more than 99 other readings.

The content of this book consists of 79 short educational and motivational stories, and positive and energetic words with emphasis on human and moral values, and in the audience it creates a good, beautiful, relaxing and pleasant feeling and changes the way of life. .

The epicenter for the first time in the epic has been introduced to consolidate the foundation of the family.

This book is useful for the following groups and audience (target audience):

1- Fathers and mother


3- Students

4. Young job seekers who do not have capital. (Issue 977 from page 73 to 76)

5. Those who have depression and have lost the clues of life.

6. Physical inmates and intellectual prisoners.

7- and ...

In short :

The Book of Life is the result of three years of effort and effort of a collection of 18 people, in which human and moral values are presented indirectly in the form of short stories, and by providing short motivational and energetic short stories, try It makes the reader motivate and flip in in a very clever way and can help the reader change his way of life, given the book's source being mentioned.

Keywords: success, monetization, short story, motivational story, success in life, audio book, success in work

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