learn recovery image music file etc

learn recovery image music file etc

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range of Android and Windows phone data backup and recovery training

🔴It just learn to recovery(not app to recovery)🔴




** We have to recover all your data, will help us link within the app **


(Compatible with all versions of Android)





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Very important:



In this application education recovery  for phones that are not routed and put to rooted phones


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Some of the teachings of the package:


1-recover images, video, music, files Android memory or memory card


2. Recover deleted text messages and audiences from phone


3. Restore deleted messages from WhatsApp, Viber + + + telegrams and .....


4. Wi-Fi password recovery


5. A full backup of all phone data




7. Automatic recovery is not closed files in Office


8. Restore hidden files by virus


9-partition data recovery on Fat 12, Fat 16, Fat 32, NTFS PC and laptop


10-recover files After Format Hard Drive, even if Reinstall Windows


11. Retrieve deleted EMail


12-recover files after shutdowns and Hong HarD Disk computer







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