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Hangman is the classic pen-and-paper game.
You are presented with a word or multiple word phrase to guess, the game will pick one from random based on the category that you choose.

You then try to guess the phrase by choosing letters. If the letter is part of the phrase, then the letters will be revealed in the correct positions. If the letter is not part of the phrase, then the letter will turn red and you will more one move closer to losing the game and the hangman image will advance forward one step.

The game ends when one of the following conditions are met:

1. All the letters of the phrase are uncovered.
2. The hangman is complete.

Hangman is a simple game that can pass the time on a long car journey, yet it also has the ability to get your brain working.

This version of hangman is designed as single player or two player game. The computer will pick random words for you to guess.

As with our other apps, we aim to design clean, easy-to-use apps.

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