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Choosing wedding service providers from such as wedding hall, wedding garden hall, barber shop, atelier, meson ... When you have a wedding and stressed to hold your most important event in your life is very hard to work, with all that stress if you take time and spend time to see them you cannot choose the right option!

Talaryaab is a specialist system of introducing service providers and free advice and support for the ceremony from the beginning to the end.

More than 500 wedding service providers in the cities of Tehran, Karaj, Mashhad, Isfahan, Tabriz in groups of:

-       Wedding hall and Wedding garden hall

-       Hairdresser for men and women

-       Atelier and studio

-       Formalities

-       DJ and music band

-       Clothes meson and ....

The Talaryaab and its advisers will help you organize events in a space away from stress to talk about your interests and your circumstances, such as the number of guests, the hall's location, the final cost, the special services of holding such as flower arrangements, DJs and music, lighting And ... make a consultation, get advice from the best, ask for support anywhere where you have questions.

Install, ask for a price, consult our expert advisors and organize your event in the best way you can.

Talaryaab services included

-       Access to more than 500 wedding service providers in 6 cities

-       Request prices and terms to all wedding service providers

-       Notice the facilities of the collections

-       Latest collection photos

-       In-person and telephone counseling

-       Full support before the ceremony to the end

All services for the bride and groom are free.

We ask your dear to share any criticism or suggestion with you.

Support Telegram: 0910-760-1093

Center for the Development of Information Technology and Digital Media:

Shamed Code: 1-5-63-690989-1-1

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