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Estekhdam Yar

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Education employment test to be held this Rvzas due to lack of time and decided to hire a companion mobile apps for your loved ones prepare to make your Vqttvn.

Our special gift to you for hiring job seekers and applicants are education

Complete with more than 2,000 public and professional questions with answers

The goal is to provide a suitable ground to test the applications and tools in line with the conditions on the technology's users at any time and anywhere (whether in a way, whether in the subway, buses, and so on), which is return of Talaye non Time is crucial that people have the advantage. We hope this app a great help in optimal time is brought to you dear users log on to assist a teacher job fair.

The first and only mobile application for employment test of Education (This program is another example)

- More than 2,000 questions in 13 different general and specialized
- Test Gear
- Ability to insert questions to Favorites
- User-friendly interface
- Proportional to the questions of the day
- Past exam questions


Graphist , Designer and developer:

Amin Chaharmahali

Mohammad fathi



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