Martyr of Karbala

Martyr of Karbala

Version v1.03
Active installs

Has online and offline play eulogy Turkish and farsi with pictures

Actions and virtues ziyarah ashora

Exercised for Muharram

Safar actions

And dozens of acts and sayings for Muharram

Ashura pilgrimage audio texts with popular sound smiths

Ringtones and wallpapers sector investment and thousands of traditions and imposing and beautiful eulogy in the next update

Sources:from mafatiholjenan:author haj sheikh abas gomi.translator:elahi gomshei

Baharolanvar:writing late alame Mohammad bager majlesi

Farhang ashora:writing javad mohadesi

Mesbah kafami:author sheikh tosi

Vaseelo shie:writing sheikh hor ameli

Play online as Web

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