training tartil quran parhizgar

training tartil quran parhizgar

Version 1.0
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★ Teaching the whole of the Holy Trinity Holy Quran with the voice of Master Shahriar Predizhar completely offline and without the need for the internet ★

★ The Trinity of Holy Quran with the Voice of Pious Master ★

In this program, in an innovative way, for each verse recited by the pious Master in their trinity, the name of that verse is displayed, which will make the Quranic Tertiary authorities easier to learn.

★ Ability to repeat infinite verses along with displaying the verses of the Holy Quran ★

★ All program sounds are placed in MP3 format and at the highest possible quality ★

Some features of the app:

✔ Ability to share voices on social networks or send via zapia and bluetooth.

✔ Auto-playback and back-up sounds

✔ Ability to resize the text of the verses of the Holy Quran

✔ Ability to change text font Quranic verses

✔ Ability to set all colors as the background of verses.

✔ Ability to set all colors as text color.

✔ Can be installed and running on all Android phones

✔ Very simple and fluid user environment

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