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Gifted Kids

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In this unique collection of games is Knjandh May consisted of 9 games in one app.

Both for children and adolescents.

The position of the game is unparalleled.

One of the games of this series that does not age and are explained at the bottom of cute game

In addition to the table is that in this game you have a science must act quickly because time and late Bjnbyd you lose the game.

Game Features:

Select the Photo field of play the way you like

+ Select a song is playing games Mvsyqyaz your phone gallery

Automatic and manual playback music

The speed of the game without any valves or freezing in the game

Shamlh the game:

Draws numbers

In this game IQ test and intellectual factor for small and large numbers Mkhvad

Addition and subtraction

Game subtract the specified time

Big or small

Find small and large numbers after hiding very exciting numbers

Which animal

Find the animal in the puzzle to hear the animal sound and touch the animals in the puzzle to win

Which number

Press the desired number after hearing number for voice

Multiplication table

Learning for our beloved children

Similar to

The number of duplicate photos in the photo frame and clicking on any two similar photos
(That is, you click on a photo and then hidden picture and then you have to find his Mtayh.

The number of repeated images

The game burst photos appear (elephants, dogs, cats, etc.)

You should immediately tell the time specified in each of the pictures is repeated many times.

Game Tables (one letter)

Xie table games with one of the visitors, which in this series we've Knjandh.

In this game Tdadh have a lot of questions and saying the calls you several vacancies that we get the word.

Note that low Bmnyd error because you're a loser.

In the game's first letter to his speed and accuracy.

The game does not even Nvjvananm age fascinated by this part of the game.

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