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NeyshaburPayam , Urban Information System

This software, which is a newsletter between news sources, organs and organizations, is yours, news is gathered in the shortest amount of time from news sources and available to you.

Also, a database of business in the city is designed to introduce the business of the congregation, in order to complete the partnership with the bank over time. .

You can activate or deactivate any of the organs and news sources according to your business or interest, so that you will be notified via the notification only when receiving this newsletter.

There are also organizational groups in the software that organizations, offices, or even factories can instantly inform their subsets by creating their own group.

For example, a company or a factory can create a group for its personnel or for its contractor, free of charge, and provide news, announcements and ... related to them. This news will not be released to other users.

(See website for more information)

Other features of this software version of the poll section, and advertising can be noted.

The purpose of the Neishabour software group is to create a metropolitan area of services that will be more complete with your suggestions

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