Arizenevise Hamrah

Arizenevise Hamrah

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Your lawyer will not read this ad?
Full legal reference sample includes:
Petition, complaint, protest, request, returns and ...
With the ability to copy, share and edit text

The program to reduce costs and meet the needs of clients as well as facilitate the process of issuing Court of Appeals is designed and implemented.

Some letters included in the app:
Harassment and obstruction of justice, fraud, death threats, harassment for women, stolen and missing Czech, harassing phone calls, demanding blood money from the employer, breach of property, child stealing, Czech Bella location, adultery, slander, insult and rape, dowry extradition request, protest to demand dowry, divorce, contested divorces, alimony left in protest, request a guardianship order, a guardian, disturbing the public peace, blasphemy, bribery and usury, manslaughter, bags and pickpocketing a woman, protests in education and employment prohibition wife, Khzant protest, protest in demand of housing for the wife, protested the extradition of children after separation, the question for rent, revocation of power of attorney, accident resulting in damage, reform document property ownership and hundreds of other applications

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