Business letters and contracts

Business letters and contracts

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A complete sample application business letters, contracts and legal petitions
✔Mvzsh writing of a Persian and English
✔ More than 450 sample business letter + Training
✔ More than 500 formal and informal agreements sample text
✔ More than 300 lawsuits and Shkalyt a + Training Video
✔ Letters Common Phrases + English + full training
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Some of the letters:
The basics of writing a resume, applying for student dormitories, students loans, tax installments demand, Buying appliances, call Duties, request payment for overtime, call the classroom, a job inquiries, request accommodations, request payment of the debt, leave requests, change requests time exams, call category Czech, asking for a loan from the bank, people demand addressed to the mayor, asking reseller products, request the university, the letter to the governor, requesting the transfer of the place of service, exemption from military service, request a raise, end of contract and cooperation, sample letters to the tax affairs office, hotel book, the text of the declaration, said the insurance rate request, report fraud and theft, cancellation of further education, to protest against the election result, objected to score, writing to complain, complain of flow control officials , professor or teacher appreciation, thanks and appreciation for the cooperation, proof of purchase of dowry, text on lack of criminal record, certificate of completion work (work experience), certificate of employment, retirement certificates to colleagues and boss, local depositions for the certification, replacement birth certificate , obtaining a marriage certificate requests, request the sanitary sewer, problem solving Abuse municipal building, say goodbye to resign, the letter to the governor and Bkhshda, the text of the invitation and attend the meeting, introduced the members transfer a telephone call, text resignation and etc...

Formal and informal contracts:
Buy Mack legal representation for transfer of goodwill, representing a purchase phone-water-electricity-gas, representing the sale of property, division of joint property law, contract sale, contract Mbayh a property, the mortgage contract, the contract is presented, commercial lease , representing switching plate, representing buy and sell a car, a car and a motorcycle Mbayh contract, lease-purchase, Mudaraba contract, contract services, Bank contract, contract of employment, contract distribution chamber, a lawyer in a divorce, legal child custody, power of attorney father to marry a virgin girl, document dowry, representing peace transmission and mobile, document, confession and forgiveness in criminal proceedings and etc


English letters:

Common phrases in English letters, sample letters of the English language, form of letter writing English, English form letters, invitations English, resumes, with 40 official letters and etc

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