Disadvantages of Wi-Fi

Disadvantages of Wi-Fi

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And this time came Khdmntvn with properties and Zrrat WiFi, modem and waves

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The most useful software in conjunction with the modem, WiFi, and waves

Headache, dizziness and confusion among the side effects of "WiFi" on the system, but brain waves Pkhshnd Wi-Fi everywhere and from which escape is impossible

The fact is that when played WiFi waves are everywhere. Even if your modem off at night time, they're exposed to WiFi that comes from a neighbor's house. So nothing can prevent the intrusion of Wi-Fi is 100 percent.

Way of fending off waves and waves get to know:

Cactus spines, especially of the broadleaf and Darsh only vegetation that mobile phone radiation and noise jamming satellite and attracts and helps prevent diseases like cancer! So you can keep your home cactus

Does waves affect children:

Oncologists specialty children about the potential for adverse effects "Wi-Fi" warned "tinnitus" and "headache" including installation effects "Wi-Fi" at home, he said.

By downloading and installing the application will always keep you safe from waves. Thanks Mohammad Reza Ebrahimi

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