Rahian noor Molk Aseman

Rahian noor Molk Aseman

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By this program can be very real and three-dimensional (360 ° spherical), eight years of sacred defense presence in operational areas and observe gallery of pictures, videos and documentaries related to each region, to contribute anywhere memorial listen narrative and description call now. to reach each area, a comfortable and safe travel experience.

Note that not all the information needed to get the 15 GB available in the app!

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You also have the program, a full Jinan with a new classification and functional possess and using it you can text, audio and translation of all Duas, Ziyarat, recommended prayers and your requirements without Requires no other program available.
In addition, using catechism religious treatise in which the emulation is based on latest Esteftaat days, call your needs and religious questions to get quite easy and secure.

Providing comprehensive facilities associated with routing to different parts of monuments and tourism as a comprehensive map of all the places of accommodation, religious, gas station, etc. on the map will show you another feature of this app.
In this application, you can not talk with the martyrs, to check them and wills of their fortune-telling and fully classified by subject, read and share photos.

This is just the beginning!
Soon be added to operational areas West, North West and eight years of sacred defense and marine operational areas in which'll be so with us ...


As well as some exclusive content produced for this application are:
1) More than 210 photographs, 360-degree spherical panoramas from more than 30 area
2) more than 3 hours of narration in the form of 20 pieces of audio podcasts
3) comprehensive database listing more than 1000 films have been shot in more than 10 GB of video in a compact 2 to 10 minutes to facilitate sharing on social networks.
4) comprehensive database of more than 28 thousand photographs in 65 categories and 6 GB
5) Voice comprehensive database includes more than 800 pieces of related audio files
6) Holy Defence Encyclopedia contains about 20 thousand pages and 3,500 entries
7) the bank will, subject Shuhada includes more than 3,500 pieces of wills in the form of 21 subjects, such as the hijab, the supreme leader, prayer and ...
8) All judgments and legal issues Ajvbh Alastftayat Grand Ayatollah Khamenei in the form of more than 12 thousand records.
9) All Duas and Ziarat popular Jinan with translations and audio in the form of more than 6500 records.
10) All the routing and map containing monuments, tourist areas and ...

Act now and get this app. We are happy to express your constructive feedback, the headquarters of the light path in order to assist with the development of this product.

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معرفی، نقد و بررسی اپلیکیشن ملک آسمان؛ با راهیان نور همراه شوید

در دوران هشت سال دفاع مقدس، رزمندگان ایرانی رشادت های بسیاری از خود نشان دادند تا خاک کشور توسط دشمن اشغال نشود. پس از گذشت سال ها، داستان این رشادت ها هنوز هم شنیدنی بوده و میتواند چراغ راهی برای جوانان این مرز و بوم باشد. اگر تاکنون با کاروان راهیان نور به مناطق جنگی در جنوب کشور سفر کرده اید بدون تردید از حال و هوای آن لذت برده اید و چنانچه موفق به این کار نشده اید، میتوانید از اپلیکیشن “ملک آسمان” برای دیدن این مناطق و آشنایی با آنها بهره ببرید. ما را در معرفی، نقد و بررسی این برنامه اندرویدی همراهی کنید.

سفر به بهشت - ملک آسمان زیر ذره بین

هر روز به تعداد علاقه مندان این سفر افزوده می شود و حتی شاهد بازدید توریست های خارجی نیز از این مناطق جنگی هستیم. به همین منظور ستاد مرکزی راهیان نور کشور نرم افزاری با عنوان " ملک آسمان " را برای علاقه مندان راهیان نور تهیه کرده است. این نرم افزار همه آنچه که شما در سفر راهیان نور به آن نیاز دارید را برایتان فراهم کرده است. برای آشنایی بیشتر با اپلیکیشن ملک آسمان با ذره بین همراه باشید.

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