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Evil dead graphics play a beautiful game for Android has become Bashd.kh PlayStation 1.Is a horror game series Resident Evil is competing.Since the story of the game starts her and her fiance to a cabin (owned by a professor) are remote And the evil spirit of the forest will attack them and seizes her fiance And ghosts and skeletons come out of the ground and you are attacked should be using axes, chainsaws and guns to destroy undead And escape from the jungle In this game you are faced with a lot of puzzles that you must solve them And faced with the scary creatures that destroy them.

You can save your game at any point in the game it's enough to click the Back button and then select Save. To load a saved game, select the rewind button click and load.

Note:Playing with a special style compression download and install the game to decompress after that might take 3 minutes and you need 390 MB of free space.

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